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Benefits of an "Unplugged" Ceremony

A new wedding trend is taking off . . . and your phone is not invited. The "unplugged ceremony" has been increasing in popularity since 2016, and is one in which guests are requested to put away their phones and cameras during the wedding ceremony. Only the professional photographer (or designated "official photographer" is permitted to take photographs).

Here are 6 reasons why you might be glad you decided to have an "unplugged" wedding ceremony:

  1. Your guests will more likely be really "present" during your ceremony and listening to the well crafted words that make up your love story, than if they are distracted with an electronic device in their hand. Phones can spoil the vibe of your very important and memorable occasion.

  2. You paid very good money to have a professional photographer snap away during your ceremony, and you don't want guests to get in their way during proceedings, or worse your photographer is forced to elbow a guest to move out of their way (yes, I've actually seen it happen!)

  3. You have more control over when and exactly what wedding day photos end up on social media

  4. Without the distraction of phones your guests will not only be able to really listen and immerse themselves in the experience you've been planning for months, but they will also more likely remember your ceremony.

  5. You don't have to have the entire ceremony unplugged. As a compromise I've suggested to couples to consider no phones until after you've said your vows and let phones re-appear during the signing of your marriage certificate and your celebrant's closing words.

  6. If you're considering having an unplugged ceremony make sure you let guests know in advance, on wedding invitations, a large sign on your wedding day (like in the photo), and ask your celebrant to remind everyone during their introduction. Oh, and don't forget to ask your celebrant to remind guests to silence their mobile phones during the ceremony too!!


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