What's a Ring Warming Ceremony?

Most couples exchange wedding rings during their wedding ceremony, a symbol of their unbreakable bond of lifelong love and commitment to one another. A sub-ceremony leading up the exchange of rings is the ring warming ceremony It's a lovely way to involve your guests in your ceremony.

A ring warming ceremony can work with a large number of wedding guests, provided your celebrant allocates someone to supervise the rings as they make their way into the hands of all guests, advising everyone how long they should hold them before passing them onto the person beside them. This will be as estimate based on the length of the ceremony and the number of guests.

Therefore, it could be little more than a few seconds if a large wedding. For obvious reasons, a ring warming tends to work easier and smoother the fewer the number of guests.

Before the ring warming begins it's appropriate for your celebrant to say a few words about what a ring warming symbolises. As each guest receives the rings (secure them together on a cushion, plate or in an organza bag), they should place their hand/s over them for just a few moments and "warm" them with their love and best wishes for the couple for a healthy, happy and joyful life together.

Once the rings have returned to the celebrant or a nominated person, a statement can be made that they're now blessed and filled with the love and hope of all the couple's family's and friends. The exchange of rings can now take place.

It's more appropriate for the smooth flow of the ceremony that the celebrant continues the ceremony, while the rings are passed around amongst guest, unless it's only the two legal witnesses present.